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Make Binance Great Again

The MBGA team believes that the only way to make Binance great again is by working together as a community. Hence we’re calling on everyone who cares about BNB to join the MBGA movement.

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1% LP / 2% Marketing


1% LP / 3% Marketing / 2% Reflections

Transparency is key

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A tribute

og's of bsc

MBGA is a tribute, to CZ the CEO of Binance , and to all the OG's who have created amazing projects on bsc and set the rules. It's time to rise again !

Binance Smart Chain

Built on BSC, home of fast transactions, low fees, and a superior user experience, empowering users to explore the blockchain.


Strong and supportive community made up of people who are passionate about making the BSC a better place.

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  • Total Supply - 1,000,000,000
  • Liquidity - 90%
  • Team / CEX - 10%


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